Monthly Archives: April 2018

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. It is a software system that works all the vital processes needed to run a business. These could include invoicing, inventory, accounting, payment management, material purchase, human resources, etc. It is scalable and adaptable software that is important for SMEs and MNCs. For small and medium enterprises the impact of ERP system is exceptional. To read an article about how ERP is affecting the marketing click here to Check it Out. This article will put a spotlight on how […]

Of lately it is very hard to find a home without WiFi network connectivity. Wifi helps in connecting the net to any desired place within the home. As indicated in the website a WiFi extender or repeater is the gadget that is used to extend the WiFi coverage area so that everyone at home can enjoy the Internet connectivity without any issues. It helps in connectivity the internet to many people at the same time. According to the technical experts who have shared this […]

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