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Tips To Stay Safe On Skype

Skype is the premium audio and video chatting software. It is the maximum used tool, especially for video calling. Almost everyone whoever uses the internet has their account on Skype. Like every good thing has its own downside, Skype also has. The major threat over Skype is your IP address getting tracked. The first thing that you can do to prevent anything wrong is not to accept any unknown person’s friend request. It happens with every one of us when we get a random person’s […]

  The most popular compressed file format in the world’s and smartphones does not play all that. Try and open a Zip file on Android or iOS and you also are worse or probably see a polite error message. But all it takes is a well chosen third-party the Zip pain to lessen, and we have picked out a smattering of the alternatives worth contemplating. In the event you are of a particular age then WinZip (iOS, Android) will be the first name that comes […]

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