Do You Really Require A TV License?


Now several TV channels providing online services and you must get a TV license to watch or download the programs otherwise it is illegal. You should get a TV license if you use any of the devices, including tablet, computer, television, digital recorder, mobile phone or set-top box to watch or download live TV shows while it broadcasts on online TV channels like BBC live, etc. Not most TV shows are available on ITV player, but if you watch any programs similar to that, then you must get a TV license.

You can contact the customer service team to know TV licence opening hours and it is better to avoid visiting there at peak time. You can clarify any licensing doubts with the authorities.

Since people use several advanced devices to watch or download online TV shows, a number of hours people watch TV has increased in recent times. The website gives the clear statistical figure of the increase in the total viewing time according to various reports like BARB.

Holding a single TV license covers streaming on the mobile phone, tablet or any other device. You set series and shows to record them to view later. Even if you don’t see a live program, but you record them on TiVo, YouView box, you must need a license since the program is broadcast live when you recorded it.

Though you use black and white television to watch and download online TV shows, you still need a TV license. Even if you don’t have a smart TV, you still want to get a TV license that costs lesser than a color TV license. The color TV license cost is higher than the black and white TV. Also the cost of a license differs based on the number of units you use each year. There is a standard license fee for the initial fifteen units and for using more than fifteen units you will be charged an additional cost.

You don’t want to get a TV license in certain cases. If you don’t watch live TV but only catch-up TV, then you will not need a license. Some people only watch a TV show only after the show has been broadcasted. In such situations a TV license will not be required. It is the best way to watch TV programs if you want to save the money on TV license.

If you want to cancel the existing TV license, then you must inform or give a declaration to TV licensing mentioning that you don’t require a TV license anymore so that they will not send licensing related letters to your home. The licensing authorities will visit your home to verify whether you use any equipment to see live TV programs or not. If you have any devices that record or watch TV shows, then you will incur hefty fine.

If you are above 75 years, then you are eligible for a free TV license if you offered your national insurance number to TV licensing authority. As the article states, get a valid TV license before watching online TV shows.

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